Nevadans Unite for Student Success

Now, more than ever, Nevadans need to champion student-focused policies in our public education environments.

About Us

There is power when each of us – our perspectives, experiences, and roles within our communities – join together in a common vision for our future. And there is no greater measure for our state’s future success than ensuring a high-quality public education for every kid in Nevada. 

Now, more than ever, our voices – together – matter in advancing a future that provides the opportunity for every kid to be prepared to live the life they dream.

The I Stand With Kids campaign drives a clear, critical purpose: to promote and advocate for the highest-quality education for every kid in Nevada. This grassroots initiative is a way for all of us to harness our experiences, energy, and power to change outcomes for kids in Nevada, and is driven by the fundamental belief that we can each do something to ensure students have the chance to succeed and lead the life they’ve dreamed. No matter if you are a parent, student, community member, business leader, elected official, a concerned Nevadan (or many of the above), you have a voice, and this is your platform for lending it and making a meaningful impact.

By championing responsive, student-focused policies and objectives, Nevadans can help initiate effective programs to improve student performance, especially for students who might otherwise lack opportunities to boost their academic success. These efforts in turn can affect a lasting and profound change, in shifting the nature of education-related discourse in Nevada to focus purely and solely on students.

I Stand With Kids calls on community members to take action by pledging to participate in impactful advocacy in a way that is meaningful to them. By taking an active role with improving student outcomes, Nevadans can make a true difference that will change students’ lives and secure them a better future.

What does I Stand With Kids
look like for you?

For parents, guardians and family members of students: You play the most important role in kids’ lives, and you strive to give them every chance to succeed. Thanks to your direct connection to Nevada’s kids and students, you can draw from your personal experiences to improve outcomes for your kid(s) and others across the state. 

For employers, business organizations and members of the business community: Serving as the backbone of our economy, business leaders like you recognize the vital need to provide the highest-quality education for our communities’ students. Joining this effort will ensure they are prepared to enter the workforce across all industries, which will help Nevada businesses and communities thrive. You can utilize your business connections and your strategic skills to help promote student-focused objectives that will significantly shape future workforce participation.

For compassionate Nevadans and concerned citizens: You care deeply about your community and the families who live within them, and you understand the importance of improving student outcomes to secure a better future for everyone. By applying your energy to engage and rally fellow community members, you can make sure that our community stands united together to put students’ success first.

For educators and those working in education: You stand on the forefront of shaping kids’ futures, and you witness firsthand the need for student-driven policies to improve their academic success. Improved student outcomes benefit everyone within the educational ecosystem, too. You can assert your valuable expertise and experience in working with Nevada’s students to drive change throughout the state.


Engaged and informed community members like you serve as the driving force behind I Stand With Kids. This initiative remains powered by those who sign the pledge to participate in advocating to improve student outcomes. Your involvement and commitment will ensure its success. 

I Stand With Kids operates under Las Vegas-based nonprofit Opportunity 180, which strives to ensure all Nevada children have access to top-quality public education. Focused on putting students on a path to college and career readiness, Opportunity 180 is committed to student outcomes and shifting the dialogue, ultimately ensuring every kid has access to a great school in their neighborhood. Its goal is to add 100,000 more high-quality public education seats in Nevada by 2030. The nonprofit is a strategic investor, facilitator, and partner, working with and through the community. Opportunity 180 works across five focus areas that have been proven to have the greatest impact and ensure the best outcomes for kids: Good Governance, Great Ideas in Action, Good Data, Engaged Community, and More Great Schools. These improved outcomes will benefit our students, our communities, and our collective quality of life for generations to come – but only if we have the will and fortitude to act now to stand with kids and put their success first.


I Stand With Kids promotes and advocates for the highest-quality education for all Nevada students by ensuring that policies and practiced are centered around students. This grassroots initiative calls on passionate community members to participate in impactful outreach with the shared goal of putting students’ success first.