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Exciting, impactful and necessary work lies ahead with improving student outcomes across Nevada.

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I Stand With Kids offers a wide range of opportunities for community members of all skill sets to take part – and we encourage you to find the best fit for your interests, talents and time availability. 

Ongoing efforts for I Stand With Kids include:

Making an important difference all starts with signing the I Stand With Kids pledge, the first step to playing an active role with this initiative. The power of this campaign is to assemble a unified collective that will stand up for improved educational outcomes for our youth. First step: sign the I Stand With Kids pledge and let us know how you can get involved. Click here to sign the pledge. 

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The Pledge

I Stand With Kids needs your help. We can only succeed in improving student outcomes by working together as a committed community coalition.

Sign the pledge below to take part in this important initiative to put students’ success first, and we will reach out right away about how you can get started with advocacy and outreach.

I pledge to stand with kids for improved outcomes, so they graduate from high school prepared to live the life they dream. I will use my voice to advance policies, priorities, and practices that put students – and their success – first. In doing so, together we will meet this moment and create lasting and profound change for students, families, and every Nevadan.
Sign the pledge today, and help shape a better education for students. We will alert you of activities and events or opportunities to get involved, and you’ll receive periodic communications from us about the latest news, activations, and how you can participate in the I Stand With Kids campaign.

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