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I Stand With Kids Campaign Launches

I Stand With Kids Campaign Launches to Foster Collaboration, Conversation, and Action In Service of Students in Nevada Coalition of Nevadans to Promote Student-Centered Policies and Practices for Long-Term Student Success

LAS VEGAS – In an effort to ensure that all Nevada students have the chance to succeed, Opportunity 180 — a Las Vegas-based nonprofit that champions high-quality public education — announced today the launch of the new I Stand With Kids campaign. 

This grassroots campaign aims to build a diverse coalition of community members across Nevada, who will advocate for student-focused programs and policies, working together to ensure every kid has the chance to succeed. This campaign will connect a broad range of Nevadans, including families, students, educators, business leaders, elected officials and community members who want to get involved. Through a focused outreach strategy, this coalition will foster community conversations and advocate for policies and practices that create the conditions for better student outcomes in Nevada’s education systems.

“I Stand With Kids stems from the fundamental belief that every community member can do something to ensure that Nevada kids have the highest-quality education and can achieve their dreams,” said Jana Wilcox Lavin, CEO of Opportunity 180. “Every Nevadan has a voice, and this campaign provides a critical platform to bring those voices together and create a lasting and profound impact for students, families, and our state.”

The I Stand With Kids website details the campaign’s mission and objectives, and gives community members the opportunity to sign a pledge to join the coalition. Those who sign the pledge can participate in a variety of meaningful outreach efforts, including sharing their insights and perspectives, recruiting additional coalition members, and providing legislative testimony.

These efforts align with Opportunity 180’s community North Star, or guiding objective, of working towards every kid in Nevada graduates from high school college and career-ready.

To learn more, visit the I Stand With Kids website at



Opportunity 180 is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that is committed to ensuring every kid has access to a great school in their neighborhood that puts them on track to be college and career-ready, regardless of their zip code. We operate as investors, facilitators, and connectors, working with and through the community to reach our shared North Star and to ensure 100,000 more kids have access to a high-quality school in their neighborhood. O180 works across five focus areas that have been proven to have the greatest impact on education ecosystems and ensure the best outcomes for kids: Good Governance, Great Ideas in Action, Good Data, Engaged Community, and More Great Schools. For more information, visit


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